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Tone Breaker


Welcome to Tone Breaker

Tone breaker is an AI powered digital musical instrument. Tone Breaker uses Magenta.js to compose music sequences and for user interface I used NexusUI and Materail Design Lite. Tone Breaker is originally inspired by Tenori-off.

How to use Tone Breaker

Just hit on the Green color (Auto Compose) button and wait. The AI will generate a music sequence and will populate the sequence to the 32 x 16 Sequencer matrix. Once the matrix is loaded with sequence patter, hit the play button to play the music. Enjoy!

Change Drum and Melody samples

Tone Breaker uses Magenta MusicRNN model. So the music sequences are generated according to a given sample. I have provided 3 samples for each drums and melody models. You can change the samples using the drop-down lists located below the matrix. Once you change the sample, hit the Green color (Auto Compose) button to re-generate music sequence according to the newly given samples. Wait till the matrix display the new sequence pattern and hit the play button. Enjoy!

Change controller settings

You can see 2 dialers in the right side of the matrix called "Variation" and "Tempo". Variation makes the AI model to create more random variations of music sequences using the given sample note sequence. Tempo ajust the tempo or the speed that the music sequence is played. Rotate the dialers to ajust the default settings and hit the "SAVE SETTINGS" button. Now hit the Green color (Auto Compose) button and wait till the AI model compose music sequence according to the new settings. Enjoy!

It's Open-Source!

Yes it is. You can find the code on GitHub if you are interested to know how it was build. Have fun with Tone Breaker!
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